Fit Bounce Pro XL


Fit Bounce Pro XL


Available on Pre-Order – delivery estimate March 2021.

The Fit Bounce Pro XL is a half-folding, SILENT, Beautifully Engineered Mini Trampoline for Adults and Kids.  It is orthopaedic quality and approved by for Flexi-Bounce Therapy supporting adults & children with additional needs.

Includes Beginners DVD,  FREE access to Home Use Flexi-Bounce Therapy videos and development programme & method to record progress, FREE Bounce Counter to count your bounces and one months JDK Virtual Bounce and Burn classes for general use.

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✅ EFFORTLESS BOUNCING FOR ALL THE FAMILY with our orthopaedic quality Indoor Home Folding Rebounder.  Suitable for Adults and Kids of all ages with amazing benefits for all – including children and adults with additional needs using the Flexi-Bounce Therapy programme that comes FREE with this purchase.

✅ VERY LOW IMPACT BOUNCE. The mat surface and the way it is attached to the frame permits a “jump” movement out of the mat bed and a “push” movement down into the mat.  These movements promote symettrical weight-bearing thus encouraging balance and without a hard impact on the joints and tendons of the body.

✅ EXPERIENCE A SOFT SILENT LANDING. Our Mega-Strong, Patented bungee system with 66 strong connectors (twice as many as any other bungee rebounder) is perfectly tensioned to give the best bounce experience.  Weight limit 150kgs/330lbs. Silent bounce so you can bounce anywhere!

✅  Comes with beginners information booklet on the benefits of Rebounding and Flexi-Bounce Therapy.  FREE DVD for regular Rebounding use and FREE access to online videos to support parents/carers of adults & children with additional needs for Flexi-Bounce Therapy, including a development programme and method to accurately measure and record progress and provide evidence of outcomes.

✅ NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED. No complicated or multiple bungee settings to mess around with. Neat half folding design and strong folding legs for easy set up and storage, (unlike other fixed bulky leg designs). Includes metal locking bolt for safety. Lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on mat. Spare parts available.