HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder


HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder


The HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder gives you the chance to mix your Bounce workouts up a little by having two different set ups. This rebounder is perfectly designed for those who are looking to get fast results.

You can Bounce with a ‘normal’ flat position or drop one side so the rebounder is in an incline position. Working at an angle challenges you even further and works muscles, tendons and ligaments in a way you probably never have.

Every rebounder comes with a full spare parts service, courtesy of Rebound UK. Claim a Free months Virtual Bounce Classes with JDK Fitness with your rebounder too.

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✅  INCLUDES SPECIAL INCLINE KIT FOR MORE INTENSE WORKOUTS. You have two options when it comes to your Bounce workout on the HIIT Bounce Pro, with the regular flat position or the special incline to take your workout to the next level. Fold the legs back in seconds with the strong and sturdy rebounder. 

✅ ONE MONTHS FREE VIRTUAL BOUNCE CLASSES – With your rebounder purchase, you’ll be able to claim a FREE months Virtual Bounce Classes with JDK Fitness. We have both live and pre-recorded classes available for you to use as much or as little as you want to. Not only this but you will also receive a high energy HIIT Rebound compilation DVD with 3 high energy workouts plus a bonus incline workout! Get lean and feel amazing with this ultimate home workout package.

✅  WEIGHT LIMIT OF 140 KG. The HIIT Bounce Pro is very robust and versatile. It’s used by many top athletes and sporting professionals, as a cross-training option helping to improve speed, agility and coordination. 

✅  FREE WEIGHTED GLOVES. Take your workout to the next level with some weighted gloves. Increase the heart rate, work the upper body even more and feel that burn.  

The frame is approximately 100cm (40 inches) in diameter. The mat surface is approximately 71cm (28 inches) in diameter. The height rebounder stands up to 33cm (10 inches) from the ground. This rebounder weighs 10kg (22lb), which is distributed evenly to prevent movement across the floor wh you’re bouncing.

What is the weight limit of the HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder?
The HIIT Bounce Pro Rebounder performs perfectly up to user weights of 120kg (19 stone/265lb).


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