It's time to put yourself first. Get ready to hit your goals and sustain habits to maintain your targets. 

Hitting your goals doesn't require a 'diet', cutting out your favourite foods or even just not eating at all! Our coaching is not your typical fat loss programme; we're not out to scare you, leave you to your own devices or make you eat what you hate. 

We know exactly what life is like when it's busy and you're juggling lots of things. Putting yourself first tends to come a little further down the list of priorities and it can also be daunting. 

We help parents, workaholics, those who haven't seen success with various diets and those who struggle to motivate themselves but would love to change the way they look. We tailor every programme to meet your needs, including:

  • To lose weight
  • Tone up
  • Increase strength
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Just have more energy for daily life

What is the JDK Transformation Programme?

Our programme is designed to help anyone and everyone; any age and any ability. Food and fitness needs to be flexible, affordable and enjoyable from start to finish. You need to see results and have fun - we are here to support throughout your journey. 

We want to help you Transform your mindset as well as give you guidance and motivation to reach your goals. 

To be successful and sustainable when it comes making life changes, it's got to be slow and steady. You don't need to change everything overnight, so you can expect small steps which are part of a huge progression. 

What's included?

Nutrition Coaching

There are no 'good' or 'bad' foods. There are no banned foods or restrictions. We want you to enjoy your meals and snacks, not have to undergo a strict and restrictive diet or dread each each meal time. Every part of our Nutrition Coaching is unique to you. It's flexible, achievable and has to be enjoyable.

Unlimited Workouts

As part of our Transformation Programme, you have access to Bounce or HIIT classes. The number of sessions are unlimited, with both live and on demand available in our app. Bounce and HIIT have been proven to burn calories, increase metabolism and can be tailored for all abilities. We have over 150 classes to choose from and often have one-off personal challenges to keep things interesting. 

Weekly Check-Ins

As part of our weekly check-ins, we'll ask you to share different types of measurements depending on your specific goals. Measurements can include weight, body measurements, fitness and strength testing or general well-being.

Video Catch-Ups

It's always nice to see a friendly face so following our initial video consultation, we'll schedule in a monthly call to discuss how you're feeling, how you're finding your progression and confirm whether your goals are still the same. We can even have a good ol' catch up.  

24/7 Support

We want you to know that throughout your journey, you're never alone. Whatever time of day it is, you can get in touch. Ask us a question, share your queries or vent if need to. You don't need to worry or to feel unsupported in any way. We're here for you. 

Personalised Plans

We're not like most coaches and instructors, we coach YOU. All plans are customised to YOU, taking YOUR schedule, YOUR preferences and YOUR level of experience in to consideration. There is no one-size-fits-all plan. 

We Care About You

What are your likes and dislikes? What date's your birthday? Have you got a pet, if so what's her/his name? How many children do you have? What do you do for a living?

We're a family at JDK Fitness and we want you to be part of it. We’ll always be here to listen, no matter what’s going on in your life. It means a lot to us to be part of your journey and we want you to feel supported in every way.

What is the cost to join the Transformation Programme?

We keep all of our programmes and subscriptions extremely affordable and flexible. We know exactly what it's like when it comes to family, commitments and even watching the pennies some month. 

To join us on your Transformation journey, it's just £59.00 per month. This price includes everything you need to hit your goals, with all of our Nutrition advice and guidance, unlimited classes and continued support. You can cancel at any time, but we'd really love the thought of being together for as long as it takes. 

We're committed to reaching your goals..... Are you? 

Let us be part of your journey to reaching where you'd love to be and what you've been longing to achieve. Get signed up in the link below and we'll be in touch to schedule your consultation.

Be aware, places for the Transformation programme are very limited. We want to commit to each and every person who joins us. 

Have you got any questions about our Transformation Programme?