Leg Length *

Everyone has different length legs so with the JDK leggings, you can choose what length you would prefer.

Waistband Length *

Your preference to how high your leggings sit will be completely different to the girl sitting next to you. Lets customise it to suit you.

Personalisation (+£4.00)

Make you leggings completely unique and add your own personalisation. Your name, initials or message will be printed on the back of the waistband of your leggings.

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Not everyone loves a pattern when it comes to their workout wear, so welcome to the Simplicity collection.

The breathable but compressed lycra material sculpts and supports from top to bottom, whilst also giving you the flexibility to move. They’re squat-proof, colour lasting and ensures you’re tucked in for whatever movement you’re going to endure.

Everyone has a different body shape and preference to how their workout wear fits, so now you can tailor yours leggings to your body shape. Customise the leg length and the height of the waist band to suit YOU!