Rebound Fit at Home

It’s time to fit in a little ‘you’ time.

With a really busy lifestyle, kids and work commitments, it’s so hard to fit in those all important workouts, even though you know if you can fit it in you’ll feel better in yourself, you’ll be less stressed and more productive. 

Now you can fit in a class from the comfort of your own home, take some time out at the office or while the kids are playing. Join us online with live and on demand Rebound Fit classes.

We have 200+ on demand Rebound Fit workouts for you to choose from, which you can do as many times as you want and at whatever time of day that suits you. It might be first thing in the morning works well for you, during your lunch break or maybe it’s after you’ve put the kids to bed. You Bounce when it’s convenient for you when it comes to Rebound Fit at Home.
Alongside the on demand classes, you’ll also got the chance to join us live for our weekly sessions on Zoom. We have three different live classes, including a 60 minute class, 30 minute class and a 20 minute Bounce HIIT. You don’t have to join us, you don’t have to have your cameras turned on and you definitely don’t have to do the full session if you don’t want to.
Rebound Fit at Home is all about convenience and having the ability to fit in what we know as the BEST workout, without having to worry about looking presentable to go out of the house, the times of classes really not suiting you or not getting home from work in time.

Some FAQs

Do I need any equipment?

For Rebound Fit at Home you’ll need a rebounder or mini trampoline. The rebounders we highly recommend can be found in the JDK Shop – they’re long lasting, durable and really easy to store away too. You can also source your own from elsewhere. 

What do I need to wear to Bounce?

You need comfortable workout wear, which is tight fitting, and either cross-type trainers or grip socks are great too. Don’t forget ladies, a good sports bra is a must and hair needs to be tied back. Don’t expect to be going out straight after, you’re likely to get super sweaty!!

How much is the Rebound Fit at Home subscription?

The subscriptions are just £12.00 a month for unlimited online classes. This includes both the live and on demand sessions. You can cancel your subscription at any time too. 

What can I expect from Rebound Fit at Home?

Expect to have fun, giggle a lot and to get really really sweaty! The first few times you may feel really unco-ordinated and a little all over the place; this is completely normal and will become easier.