Why Rebounding Burns More Calories

Why Rebounding Burns More Calories

This is why rebounding is the “Big Bang workout”!

If you are using a high quality rebound unit such as those used and supplied by JDK Fitness, and following our specifically designed rebound workout techniques you will be creating G-Force. By creating G-Force your body feels an increase in pressure at the bottom of the bounce (on deceleration) and your exercising body weight becomes heavier, therefore you burn more calories!

Imagine you are in the gym on the bike or the cross trainer and you accidentally entered in to the machine your body weight 3 times heavier than you actually weigh. At the end of a 30 min workout the display would give you a tremendous calorie burn due to you being heavier. Well that’s exactly what happens when you rebound! Your exercising body weight becomes heavier whilst you are rebounding so you burn many more calories than doing other forms of exercise.

It’s brilliant!

Research shows that an average female weighing 10 stone will burn approximately 405 calories in a 40 minunte rebounding session. Not to mention all the other health and fitness benefits such as, increased circulation, lymphatic drainage that helps rid your body of toxins, increased joint stability to help strengthen hips, knees, and ankles, and also greatly improves your balance. All this in just one workout!

NASA research concluded rebounding to be up to 68% more effective than jogging on a treadmill of comparative speeds of 9 kmh! I would note that this can only be achieved when using a quality rebounder and not using cheap tightly sprung units.

There is no magic pill that will burn your body fat and make your tummy flat. You have to engage your deep abdominal muscles to flatten your tummy and burn the layer of fat between your tummy muscles and skin through aerobic and conditioning exercises. Follow our carefully designed virtual rebound workouts, on a mini trampoline that is designed to increase calorie burn (not a cheap toy mini trampoline) and you will see an amazing transformation very quickly.

Get Bouncing and Burn calories with us.

Whether you have your own mini trampoline already or if you need to purchase one, we can help get you started burning calories right away. 

We’re here to not only teach but to help and support you on your journey to reaching a goal. Get in touch with us for more information or if you could do with some help to achieve.