Professional Gym Rebounder


Professional Gym Rebounder

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The Pro Gym Rebounder is the most robust rebounder on the market and is perfect for continual use in a group exercise environment.  Used by studios, gyms, personal trainers and physios all around the world, the Pro Gym Rebounder is non-folding and designed to be extremely robust whilst offering the perfect low-impact bounce.

Every Pro Gym Rebounder comes with Resistance Bands for additional strength and conditioning training and JDK Virtual Bounce and Burn for one month. 

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10 years has been spent perfecting the design of the Pro Gym Rebounder and as a result we believe that the it is the most robust rebounder on the market. Carefully designed with 6 triple welded chrome legs and wide non-marking rubber feet, the Pro Gym Rebounder has 36 large muscle shaped springs that have been perfectly calibrated and tested to give a resilient low impact bounce perfect for high energy group exercise workouts.  It comes with Resistance Bands for additional strength and conditioning training.

The non-slip mat is heavy duty and prevents moisture absorption.  To assure durability, the mat is sewn together using high-grade nylon thread and two layers of strong polypropylene webbing.

When not in use the Rebounders can be stacked one of top of the other and easy to collapse spring loaded legs allow for easy flat packed transport. Unlike many Rebounders on market, all ReboundUK’s rebounders come with a full spare parts service (after warranty) and have been vigorously tested to EU and US standards.

A stability bar can be separately purchased for this product if an additional balance aid is required. Spare parts are available post-warranty.

1 review for Professional Gym Rebounder

  1. Jo

    Absolutely love this rebounder. Got my mid March and it is a great little investment. I use it with the virtual classes that Jess has created 2-3 times a week – the classes by the way are fab!! Whether I do 30mins or 60mins I am definitely seeing results. I am burning calories and toning up. You don’t need to be super fit to use this, you can work low impact to high impact. The rebounder can be used inside or outside and folds away when you are not using it which is perfect. Love it 😍

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